Michelle Hill
Marriage & Family Therapy Intern IMF 91401
Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor Intern  7919-i

Laguna Counseling & Expressive Arts
Employed and Supervised by Mary Felch, LMFT 36827

Seeking therapy is a sign of courage and inner strength.  These qualities will be powerful tools in your journey of personal growth and change. I work with individuals, couples and groups to enrich lives and relationships. My goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where each person would feel heard, understood and valued. I work with clients to build effective coping skills to help manage immediate problems/distress, as well as explore the deeper rooted relational patterns and emotional pain that is impacting how they relate to others and the world around them. My clinical experience, education and training has given me exposure and competency to a variety of mood disorders, personality disorders and relational problems. Whatever it is that may be causing you distress in your life, I encourage you to call me today to discuss your journey towards healing, meaning making and peace of mind.
(949) 359-1353