Alcohol: Recovery, Healing & Wholeness

Recovering from problematic alcohol use ought to be tailored to the individual who is suffering. Some may require a medical detoxification, while others may utilize an in-patient recovery setting, intensive outpatient services, 12 step support groups, psychotherapy, or other community, religious, or mental health support services.

Wherever a person’s journey into recovery began, the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing unfolds as a process. Although the reduction or abstinence of alcohol consumption in itself can improve the quality of a problematic drinker’s life, some men and women continue to struggle emotionally from past trauma, negative thought patterns about themselves, relationship issues, forgiveness, or adopting a new sober way of living without carrying shame from their past.

Recovery from problematic drinking presents an opportunity to learn to love all parts of oneself: past and present. In order to restore a strong and healthy self-image, acceptance and grace for oneself and others is key. Emotional health is often developed through:

  1. Awareness of areas of desired/needed growth in yourself
  2. A willingness to self reflect and explore those issues
  3. Having an open mind to alternative coping skills, relational skills, thinking patterns and behavioral patterns.

If you would like to work on any of these areas of your life, I would be honored and privileged to walk alongside you on your journey of recovery, self-discovery and healing. The road to physical, psychological and spiritual recovery does not need to be done alone.

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