Am I Addicted to Digital Devices or the Internet?

Am I Addicted to Digital Devices or the Internet?  
Adult Test


Enter the number that you identify most with for each question. Add the total score to determine if your relationship with your digital devices is problematic.

0-  Never or rarely
1-  Occasionally (seems to be able to control it).
2-  Often (several times a week, but for a long time).
3-  Always (every day, and for a lot of the time).


_____1. You use and stay on the Internet longer than you intended to when you sit down in front of your                    computer.

_____2. Your work suffers from how much time you spend on the Internet.

_____3. How often does your spouse or someone else complain that you spend too much time on the                             Internet?

_____4. How often do you neglect or forget your chores or other duties because you are spending time on                   the Internet?

_____5. You become defensive whenever anyone asks you what it is you are doing on the Internet.

_____6. How often is your sleep affected by your being on the Internet? (Because it robs you of sleep or                       you cant get to sleep)

_____7. During the day, do you spend time thinking about or find yourself anticipating when you will be                     able to get on the Internet?

_____8. How often do you get mad when someone bothers you when you are on the Internet?

_____9. When your computer or the Internet is “down,” do you get angry or upset to the point where                             others can see it?

_____10. Do you tent to check your email compulsively- i.e., more frequently than necessary?

_____11. Do you feel that you prefer the excitement of the Internet to the intimacy you can enjoy with                            your partner, spouse, or friends?

_____12. Do you find that while you say to yourself, “I’ll stop now,” you continue working on the device?

_____13. Do you find that when you are sad, down, anxious or moody, going on the Internet lifts your                             mood?

_____14. If you had to choose between the Internet and any other social activity, how often would you                             choose the Internet?

_____15. Do you find that you now have more friends or contacts on the Internet that you do in real life?

_____      TOTAL SCORE

Interpreting the Score:

             10 or Below:  Doubtful that you have any Internet addiction
                          11-20:   You have the beginnings of addiction and my be more hooked than you realize
                          21-30:  It is clear that you are addicted to some aspects of the Internet, and it may be doing                                            harm  in your social and personal life.
                     Over 30:  Your Internet addiction is severe enough that you should consider getting                                                              professional help for overcoming it.




Frejd, S. & Hart, A.D. (2013). The Digital Invasion: How technology is shaping you and your relationships. Grand Rapids, MI: BakerBooks.


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