Moms: Embracing the Challenges

Moms: Embracing the Challenges

Taking on a new identity of being a mom requires self- acceptance, grieving, and grace. The process of this change of identity can feel like a beautiful transformation for some, and a crisis for others. No matter where in the process a woman may be, there is always room for healing and growth.

There are plenty of articles, blogs, conversations, and merchandise geared towards a woman’s pregnancy and the baby. There is little discussed or focused on a mom’s personal journey or struggle in adapting to the huge identity shift after having a child. Naturally this shift may require grieving the loss of old self and acceptance of the new. It has been my journey to normalize this process, and bring conversation around the identity transformation that moms undergo when taking on this new title.

I am passionate about working with other moms who may struggle in their process of postpartum grief and acceptance. Some parts of life that moms may grieve are: self care time, disappointment in their marriage, their view of themself as a mom, and healing wounds from their own upbringing. It is natural for moms to feel as though they are struggling with their new role and may need professional support as they adjust.

My passion is to provide a safe environment for you to share the valleys and mountaintop experiences of being a mom. The more we embrace the challenging parts of being a mom, the less power we give that part of the experience as a whole. You can embrace your new title as “Mom.” I can help you in the process of finding patience, courage, and inner strength. It is a beautiful yet challenging journey.


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